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Lenten Reflections

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Join in on our Lenten journey as we reflect deeper while praying on Jesus' passion

Station 4

Jesus & Mama

My daughter is one of the most spirited little humans I know. She's always pushing her boundaries and testing my patience. Whether she's teetering on the edge of the couch or sprinting full speed without a care, I'm constantly on alert, ready to catch her and shield her from harm.

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Station 2

Jesus, who bares all of our crosses

When I think of crosses, I always imagine this lifelong burden that seems impossible to carry. Even worse, I don’t know when to put it down or what my destination is. This station reminds me that we all have a cross to bear. He gave us this cross from the beginning hoping that we would someday accept and take up our cross knowing that we would be strong enough to carry it one day.

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Station 3

Jesus, the dependable, falls

Whenever my dad asked me for help around the house as a kid, I would help, but I knew that my dad did 90% of the work. I felt weak and useless but loved knowing that my father wanted to be with me as he worked.

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Station 1

Jesus, who is condemned by insecurities

“And your Father who sees in secret will repay you”

Through most of my young adult life and to this day, I struggle with the modern perception of needing to fit in with the latest trends and many times this notion leads me to feelings of insecurity, pride, resentment, shame, etc. I hear myself saying things like:

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