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DHDH 2021 Logo Finalist_edited.jpg

Contest Result!

Đại Hội Đồng Hành-CLC 2021 Logo Contest

We are pleased to announce the final result of the logo contest!!!

Congratulation to anh Quang Pham from the group Betania for his logo design and for the wonderful meaning it conveys:

The Scripture on the road to Emmaus is a beautiful story of the presence of the Lord in our lives. Sometimes on our faith journey, we feel disappointed, let-down and sad. We feel not as one body but many parts, each on its own. We want to go back to our own space, our old memories and habits. It feels safer that way.

In those moments, we ask for the grace to recognize the Risen Christ in our midst, to let him tell the story of Dong Hanh so our hearts will be on fire again. We want to share in the breaking of the living bread, so Christ can unite us in one apostolic body.

Thank you anh Quang Pham for remembering us that as CLC, we are on the journey to be united as one apostolic body with Jesus as our guide!

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