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Station 1

Jesus, who is condemned by insecurities

“And your Father who sees in secret will repay you”

Through most of my young adult life and to this day, I struggle with the modern perception of needing to fit in with the latest trends and many times this notion leads me to feelings of insecurity, pride, resentment, shame, etc. I hear myself saying things like:

Station 1

“I’m not good enough”
“I don’t have enough”
“I’m not doing enough”
“I want more”

Despite these feelings, I have moments where I do recognize the gifts I am blessed with in my life and I am grateful.

Christ continues to remind us that though we may think little of ourselves, He saw value in us and molded us into our unique persons. While I tell myself things that distance myself from Christ’s genuine love, He is saying,

“John, you’re my beloved”.

This Lenten season I strive to offer to Christ my whole, true, and genuine self hoping to make more space in my life for Christ’s love and mercy rather than condemning Him with worldly temptations and pressures under the guise of easy satisfactions. I strive to remind myself that this season isn’t about being perfect, but a time for reflection, healing, and acceptance of where I am on my journey. In our moments of doubt, let the mark of ash today remind us today and throughout Lent that our hearts, no matter how flawed, are cherished by Christ.

John Tran [Midwest]

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