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Station 2

Jesus, who bares all of our crosses

When I think of crosses, I always imagine this lifelong burden that seems impossible to carry. Even worse, I don’t know when to put it down or what my destination is. This station reminds me that we all have a cross to bear. He gave us this cross from the beginning hoping that we would someday accept and take up our cross knowing that we would be strong enough to carry it one day.

Station 2

Reflecting on this gives me comfort knowing that by God giving me this particular cross means that He is entrusting me with it and believing in me from the very start. Jesus was also hesitant in taking up His cross, but He believed and trusted in God the Father which ultimately led him to His cross, death and resurrection. It just started with that first step of trust – faith. This Lent I would like to pray that I may have just a fraction of that faith so that I may take up my own cross.

Huy Nguyen [Midwest]

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