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Jesus & Mama

My daughter is one of the most spirited little humans I know. She's always pushing her boundaries and testing my patience. Whether she's teetering on the edge of the couch or sprinting full speed without a care, I'm constantly on alert, ready to catch her and shield her from harm.

Station 4

As her mother, I feel the instinct to kiss away every "ouchie" and shower her with endless hugs. Yet, there are moments when she's hurt or sick, and though it pains me to see her discomfort, her simple utterance of "Mama" reassures me. Even in her pain, that word tells me she's alright and grateful for my presence. I realize that as she grows, there will be times I can't shield her, but I'll always stand by her, protecting and praying for her.

As Jesus carries His cross, having fallen, been beaten, and mocked, I can barely imagine the anguish Mother Mary felt witnessing her son's suffering.

When I reflect on Jesus meeting Mother Mary on the roadside after Hiss initial fall, I can clearly envision the solace he finds in her embrace and support.

In that moment, Jesus' glance at His mother speaks volumes, as if to say, "Mama, I can carry on” and Mary silently and painfully understands. Despite her longing to alleviate His pain, she too carries His cross in her heart.

I pray for the strength to emulate Mary’s silent witness, bearing suffering with a tender embrace.

Tami Nguyen-Tran [Midwest]

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