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Station 8

Jesus, who serves selflessly

Hindsight is often 20/20, revealing what we missed, overlooked, or ignored in life. As I turn 24 this year, I've been reflecting on my relationships, especially with my parents. Looking back, it's clear they were always there for me, even when I didn't appreciate their help or when they faced their own challenges. I grew up in a comfortable home, with everything I needed. My parents sacrificed their own dreams to support mine, yet I failed to notice or to understand their efforts. I took their gifts for granted, unaware of their sacrifices.

Station 8

In the 8th station, Jesus, burdened with the cross and the world's sins, comforts the women weeping for Him. His selfless act teaches us that service can be given at any time, even when it's hard to understand. Like the women, I didn't grasp the depth of my parents' sacrifices until later.

With hindsight, I see how my parents' actions were always for my benefit, often at their own expense. They constantly remind me of their love and willingness to give for me and my sisters. Understanding this has helped me rebuild my relationship with them, realizing that even in their own struggles, we were their priority.

Jesus, help me recognize those who sacrifice for others and inspire me to do the same. Guide me to selflessly serve others with love, following Your example.

Viet Nguyen [Southwest]

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