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Station 9

Jesus, who didn’t let me fall alone

Most of my childhood, I wanted to believe that if I loved God enough, He would put a bubble around me and defend me from the evils of the world.

Station 9

Of course, that didn’t happen.

Loving and trusting God didn’t shield me from rejection. It didn’t guard me from stress, anxiety, depression, or loneliness. Loving Him doesn’t protect you from bearing the brunt of criticism, or the feeling of inadequacy or uncertainty. He doesn’t keep you from feeling from the hatred of those who you believed would love you, or the betrayal of a friend you trusted deeply.

It didn’t protect Jesus either.

His suffering began when He looked at the world His Father made with His child-like eyes and saw the pain of other people. He saw the desperation in His people’s eyes, our eyes, and He saw how much they were lost, looking for someone to save them, to love them, to lead them.

Jesus persevered despite His pain. He fell, yet out of His love for us, He still got up and carried on while the cross sat heavily on His shoulder, reminding Him of the weight of our need for His help.

As I reflect on Your third fall, Lord, I pray for resilience and trust. Trust, knowing You have already felt everything I’ve gone through deeply and intimately. And resilience, for You see us in our darkness and brokenness, and already have Your scarred hands ready to help us back up again, guiding us gently towards towards Your light.

“Yes, my heart’s dear one, Jesus, is here with His cross. Since you are one of His favorites, He wants to make you into His likeness; why be afraid that you will not have the strength to carry this cross without a struggle? On the way to Calvary, Jesus did indeed fall three times and you, poor little child, would like to be different from your spouse, would rather not fall a hundred times if necessary to prove your love to Him by getting back up with even more strength than before your fall!” - St Therese of Lisieux

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